About Me

I am a Melbourne (Australia) based guitarist/composer and have a broad musical background playing live gigs, TV and vast amounts of studio work including advertisements, documentaries, movies, TV series, TV themes, albums, singles and TV shows. 
I have of course played with countless bands and artists live as a band member and freelance musician. For those that are interested, a list of artists that I have worked with will be added at a later date.

I am also a guitar instructor for a variety of students at different levels of development as well as professionals, helping them with technique, improvising and overall musicianship.

Although I play and compose fusion, I prefer compositions that have strong melodic content and grooves rather than "complex for the sake of complex" tunes.

The music content on this site is for personal listening and or study only, and must not be used for commercial use or financial gain without my permission. All tracks and articles are copyright Mark Domoney as stated.

I have included some of my favourite links to other sites that i find interesting,

Regards, Mark.